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A Popular UK Based Website For Webcam Models and More

Adultwork is a popular UK-based cam site popular with webcam models from all over the world. This site is more than a webcam site, it features escorts and fetish models as well as webcam models, and those registered with the site can also sell naughty text chat services, phone sex, videos, erotic literature and picture sets. This webcam site is fairly high in traffic, mostly from the UK, although cam sex fans from all over the world do visit this site.

The Pro List For Webcam Models

Adultwork is popular with webcam models because the traffic, while not sky high, is steady and of good quality, and the payout percentage is 65% to 70%. There are three modes of cam sex available here: free chat (which is limited to 5 mins per guest), private chat only (a no-free chat option wherein webcam models remain in private mode, and customers enter her cam room from there) and pre-booked skype and msn messenger shows. Due to the time limit placed on each guest in free chat mode and the private chat-only option, many webcam models splitcam on Adultwork as well as another free-chat mandatory site, or use the site when they feel slightly lower in energy and need a break from free chat sites.

Another plus is that while this site does not cover chargebacks, they tend to be few and far between here. I also like that fetish traffic is quite prevalent here, meaning that webcam models who offer fetish cam sex have a chance to do incredibly well here.

Another bonus for webcam models is that on this site each credit is equal to 1 GBP, meaning that webcam models from the UK receive their earnings in their own currency, rather than the lower USD used by the most popular webcam sites, and webcam models located outside the UK earn more that 1 dollar per credit (again compared to sites that use USD).

The Downsides

While this site has steady, quality traffic, webcam models based in the UK tend to receive most of it, as customers see the webcam models located in their own geographic regions before cammodels from any other locations. Also, the traffic tends to be grouped between specific time periods each day, coming in bursts before petering out to a trickle until the next burst. Unless one has regulars here earnings can vary drastically from day to day.

Also, while the site permits geo-blocking, only nations can be geo-blocked. This means that one cannot practically use geo-block for the UK or the US without blocking two significant sources of traffic. Another issue is that, unlike other sites that accept a variety of IDs, on this site webcam models from North America must use a passport as their ID, which poses an issue for webcam models who don’t travel much and don’t have a passport.

Probably the main complaint about the site, however, is that the site can be quite difficult to navigate, and webcam model support is fairly non-existent.

Vital Stats for WebcamModels

Payout percentage: 65%-70%, each credit equals 1 GBP

Payout Details: Direct Deposit to European bank account, check, Payoneer, Paytoo mobile. Minimum payout is 30 credits for Payoneer/Paytoo, 50 credits for check and 150 credits for European bank transfer. Payouts are subject to a two-week hold, at which point the webcam model must submit a payout request (payouts are not sent out automatically).

The Sum Up

While it may seem like Adultwork has a lot of downsides (particularly for North American-based webcam models), I like this site and recommend it highly. The traffic is quality, there are a ton of cam sex styles to choose from depending upon one’s mood or inclination. Another huge bonus is the high payout percentage offered to webcam models, which is much higher than any other cam site that actually has any traffic (most high percentage network cam sites are ghost towns with little income potential).

Yes, the site can be difficult to navigate at first, but the effort is worth it. Despite it’s clunky set-up and non-existent webcam model support this is a great site for webcam models who are looking to branch out.


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